Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Grumpies...

Where is the joy? This week has been a tough week. George has had tough week...Sat. he started wheezing. He's been put on several breathing treatments, a steriod and Augmentin...which last night created horrible diaper rash and had lots of yucky diapers which produced bloody curdling screams. I felt bad for him, really heartbreaking to watch. We will start on a new antibiotic tonight. Today he is just plain old grumpy, which makes me grumpy. HOWEVER, I must say there is still a certain joy there even in the midst of some yuck going on. He may be not quite himself this week, but it is only temporary. We are not dealing with a life threatening issue with him. Thank you the Lord. There is a joy watching a big brother try his best to help make a little brother happy and try to soothe some hurt. There is joy because life will return to normal soon enough, normal is all relative here!

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