Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Heart of Thanks

One of the many areas God has been working in my life is moving me to spending a quiet moment with Him in the morning.  I have not been faithful to the call first thing in the morning the past couple of weeks but trying.  Confession, I am NOT a morning person, I do not love to get up early.  As a matter of fact, my husband would happily tell you my goal is to get up out of the bed, to the coffee pot and then to the couch to sit and wake.  Truly, there are days when I could happily sit there waking up for one hour in the quietness of the late morning.  However, my two sweet, small boys don't allow their Mama to sit there for one hour to wake up.  They have needs that need to be met! 

On to the point...I have a Women's Devotion Bible that I use and have gone to the devotion topics index and chosen joy and then to thankfulness, which I finished up this morning.  I kind of had an "AHA" God moment, which will seem like a duh moment to most.  I love that God has been showing me that a thankful heart leads me to being filled with His joy.  One of my favorite scripture passages is I Thessalonians 5:16-18: Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.  It has dawned on me that I can be joyful when I keep in constant communication with my Heavenly Father and give Him thanks.  It was an "AHA" when God spoke to my heart that being thankful may not change the circumstances, but it absolutely can change my heart.  As God has made me aware of this truth, I have realized that the days I am grumbling and decide to start thanking Him, my heart is changed toward one of gratitude.  What are you thankful for?  On days that are tough, what can you thank Him for in your life?  Lord, thank You for changing my grumbling heart to a heart that is thankful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Legacy

What is the legacy I am leaving? I began this blog forever ago, but I haven't used it as much as I would like to. It isn't as fancy as some people's due in part to my not so computer savvy self not having a clue as to how to do some of it. I don't think I will be famous or rich from it, but I do want to leave a legacy.  I love the Nicole Nordeman song that talks about I want to leave a legacy, will they remember me, did I point to You enough in my life.  

In less than 2 weeks, God has used the story of Peter stepping out of the boat (Matthew 14:22-36).  I love that Jesus simply tells Peter to come, Peter steps out and then takes his eyes off of Jesus and becomes afraid.  How often am I afraid to "step out" of the boat?  How often am I so comfortable in what I know and what's familiar that I stay in the boat?  As I've had this scripture before me I've asked myself, what are my dreams and what are my fears?  My dream is that God will use me, my fear is that God will use me.  I want God to use me, but I fear how will He use me because He likes to call us out of our comfort zone to rely on His strength and not our own.  I don't know where God is calling me, but I want to be obedient to get out of the boat because Jesus is calling me to come to Him.  I don't want to miss out on what He has for me because I am too comfortable in the boat. Is part of my legacy going to be sitting in the boat?  I can't stay there because my faith says I've got to step out.  I want to leave a legacy to my boys that speaks loudly of getting out of the boat to follow Jesus.  Obedience to Jesus, even when it's hard to to do it. I want my legacy to point to Jesus. Have you gotten out of your boat? What kind of legacy are you leaving? 

Friday, February 5, 2010

God's Challenging Me

This week has been a week where God has been pulling at my heart. He's challenging me on some things in my life. I am not going to go into a lot of detail, but I do want to share some things. He is challenging me (and my sweetie) to get connected in a more relational way in our church. We are very soon to try a new Sunday School class that we have been told about three times. I've always heard if God uses something three times, He's probably trying to tell you something. I'm looking forward to us being a part of group that will notice when we've missed for several weeks and wonders where we've been. When you only sit in worship, those around you change from week to week and won't have any idea you've missed the past three.

Recently, I attended a new ministry program at my Mom's church. Actually, I was there this last time because I was the special music for the program. It is a great program for girls of all ages...every age was there, but I think they are desiring for mothers and daughters to attend. I like the idea behind this and having speakers who can help mothers engage the daughters in conversation about the different topics. I love the idea, BUT I have boys!!! God has been speaking to my heart about where are the programs for the boys. Who is leading these kinds of events for mothers and sons? I don't know, but I believe God is calling me to be open to this idea. I don't know that I will speak to a group like this but perhaps organize something for this to be done. I desire for my boys to be gentlemen, to be Christ-like and to follow in His steps. My prayer is that they will be boys who follow after God's heart that then grow into young men, adult men and old men that have been faithful followers of the One who loves them best.
The other area is being a lot more faithful to this blog I've started. It is entitled "Jen's Daily Joys", and there are daily things in my life to share. There are things every day that God uses and this is a great outlet for me to write it down, to journal it. It allows me to see how God is working in my life as a woman, a wife and a mom. There are days when it is difficult (today has been tough), but I still know the call in my life is to be a Proverbs 31 woman to my sweetie and my precious boys.

There are some other areas in my life He's working on. Areas that I'll share as I feel a little more direction but for now it's exciting and a lot challenging. I want to be obedient where He's calling me and faithful to do what He's asking of me. What is God working on your heart about? What are your challenges He's set before you?